Call Me Mrs. Miracle

by Debbie Macomber

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Publisher: MIRA Books
First Published: September 28, 2010
Format: Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, e-Book, Audiobook, Large Print
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ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-1458-5
Pages: 400
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About the Book

This Christmas, Emily Merkle (call her Mrs. Miracle!) is working in the toy department at Finley's, the last family-owned department store in New York City. And her boss is none other than…Jake Finley, the owner's son.

For Jake, holiday memories of brightly wrapped gifts, decorated trees and family were destroyed in a Christmas Eve tragedy years before. Now Christmas means just one thing to him—and to his father. Profit. Because they need a Christmas miracle to keep the business afloat.

Holly Larson needs a miracle, too. She wants to give her eight-year-old nephew, Gabe, the holiday he deserves. Holly's widowed brother is in the army and won't be home for Christmas, but at least she can get Gabe that toy robot from Finley's, the one gift he desperately wants. If she can figure out how to afford it…

Fortunately, it's Mrs. Miracle to the rescue. Next to making children happy, she likes nothing better than helping others—and that includes doing a bit of matchmaking!

This Christmas will be different. For all of them.

Reading Guide

1. Do you sympathize with J.R’s unwillingness to leave the tragedy in his past behind, especially at Christmas? Should he have made more of an effort for his son’s sake? What do you think J.R. could have done to help his son view Christmas in a positive perspective?

2. Have you ever had the experience of trying to track down the Christmas season’s most popular toy, the gift of the moment? (Remember Cabbage Patch dolls and Tickle Me Elmo?) If so, share that experience and what the gift meant to the child who received it. Do you think Intellytron (if he was a real creation) would appeal to the kids in your life?

3. Mrs. Miracle has lots of clever, pithy sayings, which appear at the top of each chapter. Which was your favorite, and why?

4. What do you think of Lindy Lee as a boss? Have you ever had one like her, someone who’s constantly “delegating” and expecting her employees to implement all of her (or his!) ideas? Do you think she’s unreasonable—or ultimately fair?

5. Looking after Gabe is Holly’s first real experience with a child. Does she do a good job? Does she make any mistakes? What advice would you give her?

6. Holly’s parents are selfless in their volunteering. Have you or anyone you know done this kind of work? How would you describe the sacrifices—and the rewards?

7. Holly helps her brother while he’s deployed in Afghanistan by taking care of his son. What can we do to support the troops, the individual men and women serving overseas?

8. There are a lot of meals in this story! What’s the significance of preparing and serving food in Call Me Mrs. Miracle? Does your family have a special Christmas recipe?

9. What was the most moving moment in this story for you? The funniest? The most romantic?

10. Debbie attributes the origin of the Mrs. Miracle character to the Biblical quote “Do not forget to entertain strangers . . . for some have entertained angels unaware.” (Hebrews, 13). Do any of the characters in this story suspect there’s something unusual about Mrs. Miracle? Do they realize that she’s played a role in their lives? If you have ever had a brief encounter with someone who had a positive or even life-changing effect on you, share that experience.