Cedar Cove Movie

Posted by Debbie at 2:30 PM, June 12, 2012
This is a red letter day.  The production for the Cedar Cove movie starts this morning.  It's being filmed in Victoria, B.C.  Cast as Olivia is Andie McDowell, and other casting announcements will follow.  I remember the days when I pleaded with God to let me publish one book.  Just one.  I didn't want to be greedy.   Now there is a pilot to a television series to celebrate.  Wow!  Is this exciting or what?



Well deserved too! Congratulations.


God is good!! All the time!! I pictured Olivia Dukakis as Olivia (maybe because of the name). But Andie McDowell will be PERFECT!! She is such a talented actress! I can hardly wait to see this movie! You did a superb job of bringing these people to life! You are worthy of all the good that has come your way! Love you Debbie Dorothy Mark


Yay for you Debbie! I can't wait to see the movie. I've read and loved each Cedar Cove book, and have both cookbooks! I think Andie McDowell will make a perfect Olivia!


Just wonderful Debbie! You are an inspiration to me. One day we will have tea when we get moved to PO. Have a wonderful time when you go see them filming! Pam who is still in Janesville Ca

teresa hyatt

Congradulations...your life is always full of excitment...new material.


Congratulations, I know it will be wonderful and can not wait.


I love Cedar Cove!!


How wonderful, cant wait to see the series.


Congratulations and I can not wait.How exciting! I pictured someone like Meryl Streep or Blythe Danner as Olivia, but I'm not the casting director and I'm sure they knnow what to do. Andie Mcdowell seems young for the part and very beautiful. I have always liked her,when I have seen her in movies.


Congratulations Debbie. And yes....God IS good. He always answers our prayers, but not always the way we'd like. Isn't it GREAT that He's answered your's so wonderfully!????? Linda B


Congratulations!! I just love seeing the wonderful ways that God answers prayers.


Congratulations!! I just love seeing the wonderful ways that God answers prayers.


That is fabulous, Debbie! I am so happy for you! Wow!What a great accomplishment. I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the movie and the series. I am still pleading with God to just allow me to finish one book. I have so many starts and then get discouraged or bored and give up. I so admire you, your writing style, your accomplishments. Congrats again and may God continue to smile on you and yours.




Your Cedar Cove Series deserves to be put on film, looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing it. Congratulations, a job well done.


So excited for you!!!! You deserve this after all the hard work you have put into this series.


Congradulations Debbie, you have been pleased with words, Cedar Cove will make a wonderful series. I only wish your movies and this series especially were picked up by some network up here in Canada..


Oops of course that got sent before I edited it but none the less again you have been blessed with words and you do take us all away with your stories.


Since we in Canada don't get the Hallmark channel (boo hoo)' it may be worth a trip to Watertown NY to see the movie!


Congrats. The Lord has richly blessed you. Pass it forward.


Dorothy, that's so funny because when I'm reading the books I picture Olivia Dukakis as Olivia as well. I so can't wait for the pilot to come out. God works in very amazing ways!


Way to go! I'm excited~can hardly wait for the movie/series to come out!


Can't wait for this movie. I loved the series.

carol hugli

can't wait for the movie/series

shirley n

All the time, God is good!! Congrats, Lady!! Love the Hallmark channel and look forward to this first movie! Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with us! You are one of His gifts to me. Blessings!


Wooo Hooo! Wonderful news congratulations. It's a well deserved honor complimenting your god given talent.


That's amazing. So looking forward to it. You are a talented lady! Carla


God always hears His childern plea:) love Cedar cove


How great! I didn't know there was going to movie from this series. I'm so excited. I just need to read 12 and I will be caught up. Going back to college full-time and raising a family has really put a crimp in my reading time =) Congrats!


Wow! And filmed in Victoria! Will there be a Press Release/BookSigning - with you in Victoria? That would be so awesome - and not far from your home!


I cannot wait, its the best series of books I have read in a long long time, is there going to be a Blossom Street movie too? or would that be too greedy..... cant wait to see it... Andie will make a great Oliva... x


How wonderful! I love the book series. I feel like I know characters personally. It's true when your reading you can visualize what the person looks like and match them up with an actor and actress.. Can't wait... CONGRATS!!!!