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May 19, 2015
My class reunion is coming up next summer so I'm starting my diet now.  It's a biggie for me.  You know, one with a zero in it.  (I find anything with a zero in it traumatizing!)  
I'm seriously considering squeezing into a new pair of Spanx.  However, the last time I wore spandex was at my daughter's wedding two years ago.   It took me an hour to squeeze into it.   I stood the entire wedding because I wasn't sure I could sit and not have the whole contraption pop and roll down my waist.  
The reason I mention class reunions is because two of the characters in my newest book, Silver Linings, are returning to Cedar Cove for theirs and yes, it's one with a zero in it.  It will be released in early August, during the season of reunions for many, many of us.
Photo caption:  A moment standing with my daughter, Jody, at her lovely wedding.
May 15, 2015
When I decided to write books I was a stay-at-home mom with four young children.  I'd worked outside the home only briefly and knew shockingly little about being an entrepreneur.  
I was a published author writing from home for about ten years before I decided to rent office space.  Immediately I faced major decisions which I felt completely inadequate to make.  To solve that problem I invited six of the most successful professional women I knew to tea at my house and asked them a series of questions.  
We had such a good time we decided to continue meeting and formed our own breakfast club.  Our little support group met for over twenty years and became the inspiration for my novel Thursdays at Eight. While my friends have all retired now we still continue to occasionally get together.  What a treasure each one of these ladies has been to me and how grateful I am for their encouragement, advice and support through the years. 
May 12, 2015
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Two of my best friends are writers.  Many of you have probably read Linda Lael Miller and Christina Skye.  Linda and I used to live two houses apart from each other in Port Orchard and frequently discussed plotting and family while walking the high school track together until she moved.  (She said the neighborhood was going downhill!)  It was great having a writer friend that close.  
Christina and I connected several years ago when we realized we were both avid knitters.  These two dear friends are as close to me as sisters.  I am blessed to have them in my life.

Linda and I having fun together!

Christina and I sharing our love of yarn at TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) convention.


May 4, 2015
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Wayne and I had a fabulous day yesterday.   After church and lunch we spent an hour pool walking.  We turned the music up, full blast, and walked around the pool.  When a particularly good song played I couldn’t help but to break into a dance.  Anyone watching me might have suspected I was drowning as I tossed my hands into the air, swiveling my hips and slashing around.  Wayne simply walked.  He's too cool to get caught making a fool of himself.  We laughed and chattered, talking about our travel plans this summer (a road trip), and then sat outside and read together.  As we got ready for bed last night, I couldn't help thinking how fortunate I am to have my husband be my best friend. 


April 28, 2015

Yesterday when I woke I remembered that it was my mother's birthday.  It's hard to believe that it's been nine years since she died.  I was blessed to have a good mother.  I learned a lot about life from my mother; we all do, I suppose.  Mom was a beautiful woman who took pride in her appearance.  I don't think she weighed more than a hundred and ten pounds in her entire life.  I recently read a ditty that said:  Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all.  I smiled when I saw that and thought, “I should be so lucky.”

My beautiful mother with my father.

April 20, 2015

I'm back from Chicago and World Vision’s For Every Child Conference this past weekend. The entire conference was an inspiring experience.

Americans are generous, giving up to three billion dollars for charity every year. I have learned that only 5% of that three billion goes to countries outside the United States. Many of these countries are in desperate need and World Vision stands in the forefront of those agencies helping the poor. Certainly, one of the best parts of the conference was meeting others with a heart for individuals and communities in need. 

As a bonus God gave me a beautiful story idea that has been pounding in me ever since.  I met a couple with a truly inspiring love story.  You'll be hearing more about it in the months to come…

April 14, 2015

In the morning, I'll be heading to Chicago for World Vision's National Leadership and For Every Child Conferences.  As many of you will recall, I am the International Spokesperson for the World Vision Knit for Kids program.  My daughter Adele and I will be sharing some of our experiences from our Kenya visit last summer--an experience that will last us a lifetime. 

We’re looking forward to connecting with the wonderful team we traveled with in Kenya who have so lovingly given of themselves and their hearts to help children around the world. It is my honor to know them.

Here is a Kenya photo with Margo Day as we are welcomed in celebration. Margo does amazing work with World Vision.


April 10, 2015

April is National Library Month which brings to mind my very first visit to the library. I must have been around five years old at the time. My mother had heard about story time and brought me to the Yakima, WA library.

It was a huge building constructed of stone; one that Andrew Carnegie had built. Even then I had a creative imagination because I saw myself as a princess walking into a castle.

My mother said that when the librarian handed me a book, I immediately pressed it against my heart and clung to it. From that point forward to this very day I take a book with me every night to bed. The wonderful part of that story is that the librarian who handed me my first book was Beverly Cleary.

April 8, 2015
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Wayne and I are back in our Florida home after spending Easter with the family. Following church we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Although the majority of the grandkids are teenagers now, they still want to hunt for eggs at Grandma's house. Following the traditional meal of ham and potato salad we had a gab fest filled with memories and laughter.

Easter celebrates the risen Christ and reminds us of all He did for us. It brings families together in joyful celebration. I'm overwhelmingly grateful for mine... and I got my much-needed grandkid fix!


March 30, 2015

As most of you know Wayne and I lost our youngest son in 2011. There is nothing harder to bear than the death of a child, no matter what age they are. It's like a huge bump on my lifeline and most everything is segmented to before Dale died or after Dale died. As we enter Holy Week, I am reminded once again that death is not the end. I will see my son again and we will laugh and hug and be together.